Android software: 2018

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The next issue of the digest of interesting programs for Android. In this review, the updated messenger Facebook Messenger Lite, a new version of the SwiftKey keyboard app for scanning documents Scan to Adobe, Pixel-like launcher Lean Launcher, a utility to hide the cutout on the screen Nacho Notch, program for cooperative preparation of task lists Taskade and bonus games PUBG Mobile and Florence.

Messenger Lite (Android 2.3+, free)

Facebook Messenger Lite was a step closer to full messenger latest app update brings video calls. The new feature works exactly the same as in the basic version of the program. To make a video call, click the camera icon, open the desired contact or correspondence. Switch to this mode during voice calls. Group chat is still there, although the light version of the messenger is probably already be over. Despite the fact that the original Messenger Lite was designed for slower Android devices, and for use in regions with slow Internet connection, users are increasingly choosing it as an alternative to Facebook Messenger. SwiftKey (Android 5.0+, free)

Exactly two years ago, Microsoft acquired the popular SwiftKey keyboard support with predictive input. Fortunately (or unfortunately), since any significant changes in the application has not undergone. Swiftkey 7.0 – the biggest update in the last two years. This version of the keyboard has received a new extended toolbar for quick access to skins, clipboard, and various settings. In addition, the developers have added Emoji, and the ability to insert animated gifs. Another interesting addition to the keyboard was the feature that allows you to share your location and the events calendar right from the toolbar, but it works only in India and the United States.

Adobe Scan 18.03.20 (Android 5.0+, free)

Adobe Scan scans any content, automatically recognizes the text and stores the result in PDF. Any further manipulation of the scanned documents can be made only if you import them into another app like Photoshop or Acrobat Reader. Starting with version 18.03.20, Adobe Scan have the opportunity to edit previously scanned PDF files. New tools allow users to change the color correction of the original image, re-crop, or rotate. In addition, they greatly simplify working with multipage PDF files. You can now add, delete and reorder pages in a document without using Acrobat Reader. The current update also includes improved scanning algorithms and image processing using Adobe technology Sensei. The application will automatically use the flash in low light conditions.

Lean Launcher 1.0.9 (Android 5.0+, free)

Technically Lean Launcher is a fork of another popular launcher. Launcher Pixel in the interface style of the Google Pixel. Visually the two programs are very similar, but Lean Launcher, in addition to the basic functions offers more options and more flexible settings. Among them is the ability to hide the search bar and dock bar on the home screen, lock desktop to prevent accidental changes and a dark theme. In addition, there is also lock by double tap and integration with Google Now (you need to install the companion app). In terms of functionality Lean Launcher is still not Nova Launcher, but overall it is light, fast and quite stable Pixel-like launcher.

Nacho Notch 4.0 (Android 7.0+, free)

2018 can be called a year of “frameless” smartphone, which acquire the so-called fringe or monobromo – neck at the top of the screen, where the hidden sensors, earpiece and front camera. This innovation is not like all users, therefore, some manufacturers have provided the ability to hide this feature. Usually in settings such smartphones have the option to blackout the area to the right and to the left of the neckline, making it less noticeable. Those who have no such option, can only hope for third-party solutions. This task can handle a free utility Nacho Notch created by the participants of the forum XDA Developers. The program hides in the curtain, its icon must be added to the quick settings, and then enable or disable the action of the utility in a single click. The only drawback Nacho Notch that the app doesn’t work in landscape orientation.

Taskade 1.0.1 (Android 4.1+, free)

There are many task managers, which in theory can help even the most unorganized person. But only some of them allow you to share tasks and lists with other users. Taskade – a simple tool designed for these purposes. It is suitable for both conventional and collaborative planning method, Bullet Journal, and organize notes. Before you start, you need to subscribe to the service. After that it will automatically create a group that you can add other users. Working with tasks is very simple, it is possible to create lists, change the background and formatting, add subtasks with infinite levels, use hashtags and mentions (@mentions). Record synchronized on all devices and can be edited by group members in real time. For users to communicate has a built-in chat.

PUBG 0.3.3 (Android 4.3+, free)

Mobile PUBG is a full port of the desktop version of the game. Here exactly the same rules, gameplay, map, weapons, vehicles and multiplayer battles with voice chat. The game is developed on Unreal Engine 4, the graphics quality in General depends on the hardware capabilities of the mobile device. The developers much easier aiming and shooting, but the management is still poorly adapted to the touch screens. At first play PUBG Mobile is not so difficult – all because of the bots which were added specially for beginners. As soon as you raise your level, you face real players. The game is shareware, there is litbox items, they are bought for in-game currency, which in turn is purchased with real money or for the performance of daily tasks.

Florence 1.0.7 (Android 5.0+, paid)

Special attention to this project due to the fact that it was attended by Ken Wong, artist and chief designer of Monument Valley. In fact, Florence is not a game, and unusual visual novel with a duration of 15-20 minutes, in the style of pencil drawing. This is the story of 25-year-old girl named Florence. She wakes up every day at the same time, going on unloved work, arguing with her mother, watching soap operas to kill time in social networks. As usual as long as Florence meets cellist Krish. It radically changes the life of the heroine, inspiring her to implement long – held dream- to become an artist. This Novella allows you to experience all the vicissitudes of the relationship of the characters.