DEAD PLAGUE: Zombie Outbreak

DEAD PLAGUE: Zombie Outbreak
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DEAD PLAGUE: Zombie Outbreak review

The development of the game Dead Plague is based on the painfully familiar, heartbreaking (non-) story about how a dangerous strain of a certain virus breaks out from secret laboratories. Judging by the fact that the first military action took place somewhere on the African islands, the source of infection was there. Nevertheless, the military science company BIOCORP is trying to get the spread of the infection under control, even though it is weak at it.


To complete the plot in Dead Plague there are two characters, each with a unique ability. You can use the sprint for a short time, which will often be useful to us in some missions and we will come back to it later. But the girl (paid hero) can use camouflage. Previously, we could only take the primary and secondary weapons, as well as the consumables, to complete the task.


Dead Plague looks like a great zombie toy, despite lacking an actual plot. The latest update brings realism and variety to the gameplay. If you're still looking for something first-person I would recommend Dead Trigger 2 or Deadpool, but for now let's wrap up:


+ Interesting gameplay;


+ Good optimization for weak devices;


Graphics 5

Gameplay 5

Controls 5

Replay Value 5

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