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Xenowerk review

Xenowerk is a fun action game in which we will get used to the role of the liquidator of a terrible accident that happened in a secret laboratory. Experiments on biological objects were carried out in the research complex, but an unfortunate incident made everything go to hell and now we have to erase this breeding ground of infection from the face of the planet.


I cannot say that Xenowerk has a clear plot. It seems that in this way they familiarize us with the course of what is happening, but during the passage, it is not felt at all. The goal is only one thing: go through the ground, destroy all enemies, and activate the terminals (optional, but still).


It's really hard to argue against that. At Xenowerk, the user can carry 2 of 32 weapons with them. You can also choose this pair at random. Although the game includes assault rifles and sniper rifles, machine guns and flamethrowers, electric weapons and grenade launchers, rifles and ricochets, we can only take two machine guns with us.


The Xenowerk developers have proven to be good toys. If anyone is interested, you can also check out Space Marshals which is a good app as well. In the meantime we come to the results:


+ addicting gameplay;


+ Impressive arsenal;


+ Costumes and skills;


+ No intrusive advertising;


+ Russian localization;


- Monotonous level design.


Graphics 5

Gameplay 5

Controls 5

Replay Value 5

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