Zombie Gunship

Zombie Gunship
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Zombie Gunship review

Although this part of Google Play is defined under the Action category, I think it is an arcade game. Because we just have to top up a bigger account to get more gold coins. We will spend these coins to open new weapons first and then pump them as far as possible. You can also open new locations for gold. We've reviewed Zombie Gunship before and now it's time to end it.


Limbic made it very complicated. Because the game uses a night vision device and the negotiations and filming reach us on the radio, it made no sense to deal with graphics and speech reproduction. There is no special need for detail, as it is almost impossible to see the little things in the black and white version of NVG. And why do we need a high bit rate of sounds if they are already overlaid by the effects of radio distortion? The only thing that can be noticed is the lack of some serious visual effects, which is quite noticeable compared to Zombie Gunship Survival.


+ Classes (the increase gives a bonus to the winning coins);


+ Multiple places;


+ Zombie destruction mode without civilians;


+ Pumping weapons;


- Advertising;


- No Russian localization;


"Only three pistols."


Graphics 5

Gameplay 5

Controls 5

Replay Value 5

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