Ninja Arashi

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Ninja Arashi review

Ninja Arashi is a story of love and revenge presented as a samurai-style 2D platformer with RPG elements. In it, the player has to control a ninja named Arashi who wants to reach the kidnapper of his son, the demon Orochi. But before he can overtake the main villain, he must overcome many enemies and overcome many obstacles.


While playing Arashi, you need to keep moving forward. Not only enemies armed with various weapons will hinder him, but also all kinds of traps, including shooting spears, paralyzing traps, fountains of poison, spiked platforms, rotating blades on wheels, and other sinister inventions, the smallest blow of which promises instant death. In the event of death, the ninja will be reborn near the last checkpoint. If the player consumes all of his life, he will be brought back to the beginning of the level.


Arashi has several ways to fight the enemy. The easiest way to throw them is with shuriken, which the ninja has almost perfect, you can kill them with a quick blow on the katana, but here it should be noted that each such blow will take some time to load the skill.


Ninja Arashi is an excellent game that can steal more than an hour of free time from a player. Sometimes this platforming annoyed me because of its high complexity. At the same time, after cooling off for a few minutes, I happily returned to my adventure.


Graphics 5

Gameplay 5

Controls 5

Replay Value 5

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