Stalin Cats: Drive Through USSR

Stalin Cats: Drive Through USSR
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Stalin Cats: Drive Through USSR review

In this arcade, you have to try the role of a bus driver who has to drive through the city. It seems that the task is not difficult, but the fact is that Comrade Stalin's favorite cats love to go for a walk and relax on the street.


The gameplay is outrageously simple. The bus travels on a straight two-lane road without turning. Now and then there are cats that either go lazily back and forth or take a rest right on the street. To avoid accidentally running over an animal, you must maneuver to the right / left with the help of vertical takeoff motors or rise above the ground.


You also need to keep in mind that the fuel is not infinite and you will have to refuel it with the help of boxes along the way. In order not to get bored while traveling, be sure to collect all the stars scattered along the way.


Despite the simplicity of the gameplay and graphics, Stalin Cats can be a lot of fun waiting at public transport stops, queues, or delivery vans.


Graphics 5

Gameplay 5

Controls 5

Replay Value 5

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