Tower Defense Heroes 2

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Tower Defense Heroes 2 review

Today we deviate a little from the 2D games from the Tower Defense series. I am presenting the readers with a toy called Tower Defense Heroes 2. I am sure you will remember it with good graphics and great effects. But are you ready to accept a small arsenal of weapons?


First, I turned to Tower Defense Heroes 2 for its complex three-dimensional graphics. The locations look great. You instantly remind me of Borderlands 2. If you remember, Hyperion had a unique architectural style there. Bunkers, infrastructure, everything, everything, everything was decorated in black and yellow. And then the impression remains that we were thrown into battle with the imagination of Hyperion, but now as a commander, not an attack aircraft.


In the best traditions of the genre, we must put defensive weapons in the path of enemy combat units. By the way, the routes are marked with animated tracks with arrows. And the further we go, the more routes there are on a map. The towers cannot be placed anyway: there are special areas for this. At first, they are open, but in more difficult levels they have to be open to the game currency.


Cube Software turned out to be a good game, but with a few drawbacks:


+ Cool graphics


+ Russian localization


+ Skills and improvements


+ Different locations


Graphics 5

Gameplay 5

Controls 5

Replay Value 5

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