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Mekorama review

Finding something useful among puzzles is not that easy. The developers simply copy each other's creations. And we, the consumers, literally have to search for "validity" in a huge pile of rubbish. True masterpieces lie beneath the ruins. One of them - Mekorama - came for our review today.


Our only job is to help the funny robot get from point A (where it is when entering the level) to point B (marked with a red light). To do this, simply click on different areas of the map. The robot sinks in a direct passage. If not, something has to change. And the arsenal of tools here is great: to guide the Mekorama through the level you have to move the cubes, raise and lower, rotate, move the platforms and even use the help of another robot. Which, by the way, sometimes doesn't help us as much as it does.


Be careful of your actions: in the Mekorama game, the robot can fall if you do something wrong. And he won't get up where he was. Everything has to start at the very beginning of the level. This is an unfortunate mistake and a developer's mistake. Even if our robot is electrocuted and falls backward, the piece of iron can no longer stand on its feet. You can wait at least a day for this event - nothing will happen at all. So think twice before sending the robot anywhere or moving the cube.


Among the many 3D puzzles I've just seen, Mekorama is already at the forefront. In the meantime, let's get to a summary:


+ 50 standard levels;


+ Additional levels of users;


+ Ability to create maps;


+ Excellent graphics and speech output;


+ Absolutely no advertising;


- No Russian localization;


- You cannot change the viewing angle at will.


Graphics 5

Gameplay 5

Controls 5

Replay Value 5

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