Квестоманьяк - Текстовые Квесты

Квестоманьяк - Текстовые Квесты
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Квестоманьяк - Текстовые Квесты review

Questomaniac is a kind of collection consisting of several "books" of short stories, when reading them you can not only observe the plot but also participate directly in its creation as the main character.


The entire gameplay is in the form of reading an e-book (quest). To unlock it, you'll need to spend an inkwell. Some of them are given at the very beginning, while the others can be won bypassing the game.


With the development of the plot, the player is offered various options for action, the choice of which depends on the further development of the events. Unfortunately, there is only one correct option. The rest does not provide an alternative way to pass but leads to the failure of the quest, the same outcome of the events, or simply a return to the previous action. At the same time, the options for action for property development can often be very variable. In the example below, the player can choose one of the two options. In the second, if he bought a knife in a shop, the Indian accepts it as a gift and does not attack if there is no knife. then the fight is unleashed and then the player can win or lose ... Or the player immediately decides to "shoot the Indians" and kill them on the way.


Questomaniac is a very unusual, but very addicting game that may interest anyone who reads at least a little. The advantages include interesting stories, the ability to use search elements in them, as well as free distribution. Disadvantages include the availability of video advertising and donations.


Graphics 5

Gameplay 5

Controls 5

Replay Value 5

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Квестоманьяк - Текстовые Квесты Квестоманьяк - Текстовые Квесты
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