Invasion of Barbarians

Invasion of Barbarians
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Invasion of Barbarians review

These strategies are good where the troop can be at least a little but still manage. On the other hand, alternative courses of action have always been an important part of this genre. Today we are going to talk about the game "Invasion of the Barbarians" that has it all.


If you've played Tower Conquest (you can read an in-depth review here), you'll notice similarities between him and the hero of today's review. It has to be as precise as possible, then these strategies belong to the categories "wall to wall" and "protection of towers".


The goals and objectives are very clear: to protect your fortress from the aggressive hordes of barbarians (and also the undead, by the way) and then carry out a successful counterattack and destroy the camp of medieval terrorists. At the same time, it is more important than ever to be able to balance between an impenetrable defense and a "sneak offensive". Otherwise, the player risks being without back support. And this almost entirely leads to a mediocre surrender of the fortress and as a result of this battle defeat.


The graphics of "Invasion of the Barbarians" intrigued me when I saw the screenshots of the game. Everything turned out to be very good, although I have some questions (or rather requests) for the developers. The gameplay is accompanied by pretty good background music. Most importantly, it has a good bit rate. Because you often find voice recordings that burden the ear with the quality of a dictation machine. I have absolutely no complaints about this.


Graphics 5

Gameplay 5

Controls 5

Replay Value 5

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