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Tower Defense Generals TD review

Tower Defense Generals is unlikely to seriously surprise anyone. Standard towers, boring gameplay. But it has up to three difficulty modes and special forces - generals - that can be used in battles! Okay, let's go see?


As with most similar games, the purpose of the missions in Tower Defense Generals is not to allow enemy troops to move from entry points to exit points. Otherwise - failure and loss. The defense forces are structures as well as a unique combat unit - the general. Hence the name of the game.


There are more than 20 individual missions in Tower Defense General's independent passage strategy. Soon the developers promise new tasks and something tells me that it will be really difficult. Since we are talking about it, it should be noted that there are three levels of difficulty.


In normal pass-through mode, the enemy troops are not very complicated. Even with structure pumping idle, you can get many tasks done. The difficult difficulty of crossing leaves the same troops behind, but now we have no margin for error: if at least one unit leaves the battlefield, we will lose. Finally incredible complexity. This will shake your nerves: the attack groups are getting an order of magnitude larger and stronger, and not a single unit should be left alive.


Tower Defense Generals game cannot boast particularly spectacular battles or special effects. If you like such strategies, you should pay attention to Heroes Tower Defense 2. The camera cannot be rotated or tilted, it can only be scaled. The details of the objects are average, the same applies to the quality of the language game.


Graphics 5

Gameplay 5

Controls 5

Replay Value 5

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