Home Network Security from Avast – protect your home network

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Most users ignore the elementary rules of protection of its devices. For example, put too simple passwords or use user data default from the manufacturer. There a few simple tips that will help you to protect your home network.

What is a home network?

This is a group of interconnected devices (computers, laptops, TV’s) located in geographical proximity to each other, for example, within the same room or apartment. To ensure that all devices can access the Internet through a wireless connection router. It the router is the center to which are connected all devices. Thus, all the devices form a so-called star:

In this case it is the router that provides the link between your home network and the “outside world”, should be as protected.

How dangerous unprotected router?

Attackers can:

to access your computer or laptop, and with them to all sensitive data (all usernames and passwords, access to various resources, e-wallets, credit cards, etc.);

At the end of last year, a group of hackers have even made a DDoS attack using common household routers. Due to the large number of devices and their vulnerabilities, hackers have formed a network of infected routers,which numbered about half a million units. The owners of the devices did not even know that they were complicit in the attack on Sony PlayStation Network and Xbox Live.

How to secure home network?

Most users ignore the elementary rules of protection of their devices. For example, set too simple password or use user data default from the manufacturer.

There are a few simple tips that will help you to protect your home network and all the devices:

Install the router rather complex unique password;

Use the type of encryption WPA/WPA2;

Use of software and hardware updates for your devices (they often contain fixes for known vulnerabilities);

Devices that connect to your router, should be protected;

Be sure to use antivirus. For example, the AVAST antivirus has a special function to check the security of the home network – Home Network Security.

Let’s dig into this feature. How it works?

Home Network Security is designed to protect your home network, which is integrated into the new version of Avast 2015. Home Network Security scans to identify errors wireless Wi-Fi networks, routers with weak or factory default passwords, wireless and routers vulnerable, unprotected Internet connection and activated, but unprotected IPv6.In addition, the function displays the list of devices connected to the network. Thus, the user can ensure that the network is connected only to its devices.

It is very convenient: Avast will test the router and will report about the found problems. With just one click you can scan your whole network for potential vulnerabilities and prevent hacking of the network itself and the devices connected to it.

Keep your home network safe. Follow these simple guidelines: use unique passwords and update software regularly and don’t forget to use antivirus.

The Home Network Security feature included in any of the antivirus AVAST. Try the free demo version, or purchase the anti-virus manufacturer’s website.