Top 10 best games and apps for iOS and Android for July 2018

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Every month we choose for you the 10 best games and apps for Android and iOS, and this time our TOP got the most interesting novelties introduced in the App Store and Google Play in July.

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Drone Storm

In our time with the drones shoot the beautiful scenery, take part in exciting races and even deliver the food. However, in the future things can change. In the game Storm Drone robots will be transformed into a formidable weapon that will protect the planet from invaders. Your task — to repel the attacks of enemies and not allow them to seize their native land. The mechanics of the game reminds Arkanoid, with Drone Storm good graphics, advanced system enhancements and cruel bosses.

It all starts with history. Our planet was attacked by space invaders who want to destroy all life. Only hope — fighting drones that enter the battlefield for the sake of the salvation of mankind. Them and you will be driving.

The game is simple. At the bottom of the playing field is a combat gun that shoots drones in the right direction. Path you can choose yourself: to do this, swipe your finger, aim and release it. The goal is to destroy as many enemies as possible.

In the case of each of the guns of the enemy is the figure. Behind it lies the number of hits that it’ll hold. Our fighter is also not far behind — with each level of his muzzle will fly more drones. The number of charges can easily exceed 40 soldiers.

In the case of each of the guns of the enemy is the figure. Behind it lies the number of hits that it’ll hold. Our fighter is also not far behind — with each level of his muzzle will fly more drones. The number of charges can easily exceed 40 soldiers.

Game Storm Drone just will not let you get bored, because it is endowed with lots of special effects and lots of action. Every drone strike is accompanied by a booming sound — the developers just allow you to feel the moment of collision of metallic bodies. in Addition to this playing in the background of tense music. She makes it clear that the battle is not a joke. At stake is the fate of a whole Galaxy.

For variety, the game has all sorts of bonuses. For example, the selected icon kit adds a single drone in the queue for shooting, and horizontal and vertical lasers break everything in its path. Because of this the game has a touch of strategy: sometimes it’s better to hit accurately than a lot.

Drones in the game a lot. There are the usual devices of different sizes that don’t offer extra features, and is, for example, drone defender. It drops from boss 250, also it is necessary to collect five parts. Difficult, but worth it. The unit deals three times the damage of a triangular enemies.

Drones in the game a lot. There are the usual devices of different sizes that don’t offer extra features, and is, for example, drone defender. It drops from boss 250, also it is necessary to collect five parts. Difficult, but worth it. The unit deals three times the damage of a triangular enemies.

For shopping you need to save the credits or sell them for real currency. The store has packs from 200 to 8,500 coins.

To be successful you need to apply the so-called linkage, that is, to obtain maximum benefit from a single drone. The secret is simple: breaches in the defense of the enemy and throw the unit in the rear. The beads are concentrated in one place, will fend off the walls and will cause a lot of damage.

Storm Drone is suitable for all. The developers have positioned the game as a time-killer that will do free minute.

Versus Run

The speed of decision-making in life is very important. With it, we’re improving the mind, and at the same time learning to think about the consequences. Workout and boost your results will help you play Versus the Run. In it you will need to collect bonuses, evade from obstacles and do not forget about the enemies that are catching up from behind.

Developers introduce up to speed quickly and efficiently. Rules formed in the four cards. If you want to jump right click in the right half of the screen if the left — to the left. In addition, you can not step on the obstacles and keep moving. If you really procrastinate, catch up enemies.

The playing field is a maze. Your task is to move quickly on its corners and not to step on the platform. At the first touch to the ground the game will end.

The process complicates the movement of plates. They are circling, shoot and just get the passage. You need time to notice the obstacle and avoid contact.

Sometimes come across the pipe. They should not be afraid. Jump into the tunnel and collect bonus crystals — almost like in “Mario”. The stones need to unlock new characters.

Also don’t forget to look forward in the direction of movement. On maps with a lot of dead ends. If you get into them, save only the restart button.

Versus Run — live game for clever gamers that will do free moment, and will not get bored.

The Walking Dead: Our world

Finnish Studio Next Games has officially unveiled the game with the support of augmented reality — The Walking Dead: Our world. New, release of which was delayed for almost a year, is now available for download in the App Store and Google Play, absolutely free.

As expected, The Walkind Dead: Our world is something of a cross between the games of the original series “the Walking dead” and the Pokemon Go with the expected superiority in the first.

The essence of The Walking Dead: Our world is pretty simple. The player will complete quests, which mostly consist of killing zombies and escorting civilians to safety, for them to get rewards, build your base and upgrade your Arsenal of weapons.

As you progress through the plot in the game there will be characters familiar to fans of “the Walking dead” based on comics and TV series, and to help the hero in the passage of a particularly dangerous and challenging missions.

Many tasks are compatible with augmented reality. If this option is available in the upper left corner of the game interface you will see a switch that will carry the mission into reality.

To expect from augmented reality mode something supernatural is not necessary. At this stage in the game there is no clear consistency in the placement of objects in the real plane. Because of this, often even within the same AR scene half of the characters can clearly stand on the ground while remaining levitated about two feet above it.

Life Is Strange

Life Is Strange is a mobile version of the popular “adventure” in 2015. This is a vivid and atmospheric adventure game, broken into five long episodes.

Quest-designed three-dimensional graphics, twisted plot and a number of awards. Unlike casual games, Life is Strange offers a solid dose of content this adventure for a few dozen hours, and not a throwaway time-killer. Life is Strange-more like a graphic novel with a high degree of interactivity. If the console original you walked side, we recommend not miss the version of the game for iOS and Android. For connoisseurs of quality “action” game can be a real gift.

As for the visual part of Life is Strange, it is just amazing. The game is created on the Unreal Engine, so on mobile devices it looks luxurious. Graphics and characters in the adventure well designed and realistic. From the local visual beauty is breathtaking. Although some movements of people and look a bit unnatural, in General, the graph of Life is Strange is at a very high level. That is, the AAA class. The color palette is rich and dynamic lighting and weather changes contribute to deep dive into adventure.

The music is consistent with the genre of “adventure game” and is fully transferable from the original. Perhaps the only negative is that Life is Strange English, not even subtitles, not to mention the voice dialogue of the characters.

Adventure story in Life is Strange is twisted around the 18-year-old girl named Max Caufield. She’s studying to be a photographer and has an amazing gift — can rewind time at any moment, allowing you to make a choice in the past and observe of so-called “butterfly effect”. In the beginning of the game sees Max coming in its consequences disastrous hurricane. Its task is to prevent the destruction of the city, but the main plot thread becomes the only one in the game.

In the first episode you will save the life of a best friend, Max, Chloe Price. Students will soon begin to investigate the mysterious disappearance of Rachel amber, their classmates. During the investigation, the girls find out some intriguing details about the hidden life of the town. It turns out that changing the past, it is possible to remain without a future. Control in Life is Strange, and other adventure runs in the style of “point and click”, everything is clear and simple. To look around, just hold your finger on the screen. To approach any subject — just click on the ground nearby. Any object with which to interact, the game stands out — it is enough to touch to select one of two available actions — “to Look” or “Use”. If the control scheme alone touches you, then in the settings you can enable the virtual joystick.

As soon as it becomes available the ability to Max to rewind time, you can activate it by pressing the button in the upper left corner. You can rewind a scene or turn on acceleration, if can’t wait. You can also use the “quick cancel” to return to the point where the player is required solution. Sometimes you have to rewind the same scene several times to get all valuable information for decision-making. All decisions in Life is Strange decisions affect the development of the plot.

Life is Strange is perhaps the most quality for the last time the port of good adventure game to mobile devices to consoles. This game has everything to become popular: splendid graphics, fascinating story and hours of gameplay.

For Android Summer Sports

Summer is the perfect time for sports. Doing exercises on the street without extra layers of clothes and perfectly safe for health. But if a pull-up and push-UPS to really you for some reason do not want to, I suggest you download Android Summer Sports. This game combines several types of activity and allow you to stay in shape (though only on the smartphone screen).

The game begins with training. The point is simple: the character runs alone, and we need time to press on the display. This should be done at the moment when the hero runs a special yellow-orange zone. If you get into the yellow lane, the acceleration or the jump will be more effective.

Another option interaction — a long tap. The latter is useful for maximizing speed. Questions should arise as the training is extremely simple.

In game four types of activity: obstacle race, javelin throw, long jump and race bikes. The mechanics for each are similar, but still different. For example, if you run enough time to click on the display to set the speed and overcoming obstacles. In the case of long jumps, you first dispersed with the help of prolonged depression, then Tapa just before the jump.

Activity gradually change each other. Your task is to install new records. In parallel with this, advised to collect coins that will help you to unlock new clothing items in the main menu.

And though the game variety, passing it with one hand. The story is the same as with other products of the classic gameplay: the gameplay is simple but addictive for many hours. Therefore, Ketchapp Summer Sports suitable for everyone who missed the great time-killer.

Asphalt 9: Legends

Perhaps one of the most high-profile game last week was the release Asphalt 9: Legends from Gameloft Studio.

Asphalt is a special car simulator that does not claim to realism, but offers a lot of positive emotions.

Asphalt 9: Legends is the arcade game series, and the developer emphasizes that the autopilot system TouchDrive.

At the beginning of the game you are put behind the wheel of a red Ferrari and show that racing can become a regular runner.

Artificial intelligence automatically manages your car but gives you the ability to control the brakes on the turns, mindlessly throwing supercars with the price of the aircraft to skid, to press the nitro button, hoping to go even faster and immediately react to the choice of direction when the track splits.

Fortunately, TouchDrive can be switched to the usual buttons or the gyro.

It is worth noting that without the autopilot to control the car in a new series of arcade racing extremely difficult. When switch control, consider that choose between normal mode and Pro. Good or bad, you decide.

Asphalt 9: Legends is a direct sequel to Asphalt 8: airborne, which was released in 2013. It would seem, between games 5 years, but they look very similar and almost indistinguishable in gameplay. Both games show how not to behave behind the wheel in real life.

To go faster you need more nitrous oxide. To replenish her stock, you will be able not only to collect scattered on the road bottles of different colors, but and to RAM opponents or to perform wild stunts.

Tricks for the 9th version of the game was actually written from the 8th. More important, revolutions in 360 degree that you can perform after hitting the special jumps. It seems like it is not a mandatory element of the game, but without a supply of nitro is far from gone, so will fly like the DeLorean DMC-12 from the popular movie.

In the game you have to prove that you are worthy of legendary status. This will be career job, collect the items and cars are drawing, collecting cards.

It’s not only the arcade but also the most dynamic of the race in any of the mobile devices. Events happen so quickly that you do not even notice how the next track is about to end. It’s not exactly Real Racing 3 with its relaxed realism.

The graphics in the game can be called stunning, but on the highest setting it is only in flagship smartphones and tablets.

Ferrari, Porsche, Lamborghini — new Asphalt, you can ride any of the iron thoroughbred horses from different parts of the world, and more than 50. The series has always been famous for beautiful cars, and part of the 9th was no exception.

In career mode you will find more than 60 seasons and in the amount of more than 8-hundred racing. This is more than enough to consider all the stunning locations that the game will offer.

Every track is constantly divided, with several ways to travel the next intersection. To determine the direction difficult even in the TouchDrive, not to mention manual control. It will force you to play and replay each track several times, and the knowledge of the shortest path will definitely play in your favor online.

Scope for tuning moved here from the previous series of games. On the one hand, he was insanely big. On the other hand, it is linear and it is not so interesting.

Of course, the modern part of the racing Saga on iPhone and Android look ten times cooler, but to learn them inside out I want less and less.

If you like games of this series, be sure to try a new one. You will not be disappointed!

On the slopes of the scattered coins, they will serve you in order to make the uniform in the workshop. Here you will be able to collect a helmet that will protect you from one collision with an obstacle, or pick, which will help to climb out of the gorge.

The game will introduce you to the mountain sections, which will slide as soon as you get a normal snowboard. This is a new mechanic that will add variety to the gameplay.

To begin your slide for the slice, tap the screen and hold your finger until you need to jump. If you don’t learn this, you will not be able to pass many obstacles in the game.

The developers have set a goal — to make the most interesting project for the user.

“…we focused on making the world of Alto’s Odyssey was so magical as possible…” (Ryan cash, founder of Snowman, in an interview with Red Bull)

“Alto’s Adventure was the beginning of a history for our characters that we will be able to tell for many years.”

The game looks truly incredible, she has great music and even a special Zen mode, which offers to surf its expanse without constraint.

Punch Club

Retro has long been in Vogue gaming industry, and because of the novelty that match the trends that appear in the stores with enviable regularity. Most of them of no interest, and only a few are worthy of the attention of gamers. The latter applies to games.

The value of this game is not limited to retro-style, but first of all, is the original gameplay. Using the characteristic features of American fighters 80-ies, the project is not a fighting game, what you would think the first thing, but a real simulator or the Manager of the fighter.

History of the Punch Club begins with the murder of the father of the protagonist. Orphan selects a former police officer and leaves the education. Nothing particularly good will come out of it – the young man is a real dunce. One day he is attacked hot personality in a dark alley and he turns off in the eyes of the men caught a former friend of his father, who is a coach. He invited the guy to participate in fighting tournaments, and from that moment, in fact, begins the gameplay.

You have to constantly “pump” your character, by tracking indicators of strength, agility and endurance. To maintain them will need to exercise regularly, but the need for training money, but you can earn them only on the site. The construction is the same as training takes a lot of energy that you want to recover with food and sleep – the first, again, requires money, the second time. In the end, you need to make your character mode, given that the ultimate goal is the championship tournaments.

Fighting in the Punch Club will take place almost without your intervention. The outcome will depend on the chosen fighting style and characteristics of both sides. The process of training, Championships and household activity is accompanied by a story about revenge, friendship, betrayal, and other things gleaned from the old classic Hollywood blockbuster.

Summing up, it should be noted that the game combines retro elements and original gameplay. You definitely need to try it!

The world around me (WAM)

The app “World around me” is a Navigator for urban objects with the effect of augmented reality. In order to see what is nearby, you just have to turn the camera of your smartphone and launch the app.

The program helps you quickly navigate in unfamiliar surroundings and accurately determine the direction of further movement. To find a place in the city, just select the partition and lift the smartphone to eye level.

The app works like a radar, superimposing over the picture with camera locations of the selected category. It can be restaurants, cafes, ATMs, parks, pharmacies, subway stations, hotels, shops and more.

The service uses GPS and the accelerometer that allows real-time change information on the screen depending on where you point the smartphone.

A pointer to the name, indicates the distance to the object and its evaluation. Opens the reference information with the exact address, contacts, photo, reviews and a marker on the map. All this information is automatically loaded from the database of Google Maps.

Right from the menu pointer, you can build a route for navigation, go to the website and call if telephone number. Also, there is a simple search for places by name.

In addition to viewing the objects through the camera of your smartphone, you can display them as a list or on a map. In the application menu after login you can add and place that will be visible only to you. This will keep some important objects indicating their addresses, to late to go back there again.

In the app settings you can adjust the search radius places, ranging from 100 meters to 50 km. There is a limit to the number of results to, for example, in the city centre, the whole screen was filled with signs.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams — it is a platform that brings together in one space, chat, appointments, notes and collaborate on documents.

Many people know that one of the most successful tools for connecting command is an app Slack. Microsoft attempted to modify this product in 2016, releasing its own app called Microsoft Teams. However, Slack has been and remains free, and Teams, until recently, offered only in the paid Office 365.

Two years later, Microsoft realized that they will never succeed, and therefore added to the Microsoft Teams free use. Given that the functionality of this platform largely outperforms the competition, this in turn radically changes the situation.

In the free plan you are allowed to use Microsoft Teams in teams numbering up to 300 people. In addition, the following useful features:

  • Unlimited chat messages and search on them
  • Built-in audio and video calls for individual, group and team meetings
  • Shared storage 10 GB plus an additional 2 GB for each user
  • Integration with other Microsoft products, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote
  • 140 integration with third-party services and applications, including Adobe, Evernote and Trello
  • The ability to communicate and interact with any participants, not even members of your team
  • Compared to Microsoft Teams free Slack now looks not so attractive. It allows you to search only the last 10,000 messages, which may not be sufficient for a large team of lively correspondence. Here is allocated only 5 GB of disk space, 10 integrations with third party services, no guest accounts, and video conferencing is possible only between the individual users.

Now the Microsoft offer looks much more interesting. To prevent the popularity of this service can only conservatism of users, complexity of moving to a new platform or are biased against the services of the manufacturer.